The purpose of a facelift is to correct the sagging and laxity of the skin and soft tissues of the face and neck to achieve a rejuvenating effect.

Operacja plastyczna, kobieta w klinice chirurgii estetycznej


Neck laxity, sagging of the facial oval, appearance of jowls or deep cheek wrinkles. This surgical intervention does not correct expression lines or the appearance of the skin but may be combined with other facial procedures (blepharoplasty, lipofilling, peeling, etc.)

The surgical intervention

A personalised procedure will be proposed by your surgeon for a targeted improvement of your facial appearance.

The general principles of surgical technique are as follows: 

  • The scars are hidden in the hair and around the ear.
  • During the surgical intervention, after detaching the skin from the subcutaneous tissues, the latter are retightened to achieve a re-suspension effect of the soft tissues of the face. This results in a precise correction of the sagging effect while preserving facial expressions.
  • The skin is then redraped by removing the excess.

The patient’s face will then have a rejuvenated and rested appearance. However, the result remains natural. In order to be fully satisfied, a period of 3 to 6 months is necessary for the tissues to regain their suppleness and for the scars to fade.

Quitting smoking at least 2 months before the operation is mandatory in order to prevent predictable complications. Your surgeon will also review your general health with you in detail in order to minimise the risks of the surgical intervention as much as possible.