Blepharoplasty, a term used to correct the eyelids, improves the eyes and corrects the effects of periorbital aging.

Medycyna estetyczna , gabinet kosmetyczny, zabieg złuszczania


  • Lower eyelids: pockets, sagging or fine lines, loss of muscle tone.
  • Upper eyelids: swollen appearance, drooping eyelids, excess skin tissue (reimbursed by a health mutual under strict conditions).

The surgical intervention

Other operations (facelift) may be indicated if necessary.

  • Scars are hidden in the natural folds of the skin.
  • Fat pockets, excess skin and muscle are reworked to produce a rejuvenating effect and mask wrinkles and furrows.
  • The microthreads used to close the incisions will be gently removed by your surgeon 3 to 7 days after the operation.

Patients will have a more relaxed and open look. In order to be fully satisfied, a period of 3 to 6 months is necessary for the tissues to regain their suppleness and for the scars to fade.

Quitting smoking at least 2 months before the operation is mandatory in order to prevent predictable complications. Your surgeon will also review your general health with you in detail in order to minimise the risks of the surgical intervention as much as possible.